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Near is a communication system granting access to data from Near Cloud via smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology (beacons) Near allows you to outline the physical area you are interested in (by means of the NEAR CLOUD). The beacons may refer either to specific items such as a bag in a shop window, exhibits in a museum, sights, entrance in public places or to wider areas in shops, museums and so on.

What's a beacon


All you need in the Near cloud

Create your own proximity and direct marketing solution quickly and inexpensively.

The Near Cloud is a private area that enables you to configure your beacons.
You can modify the range within which the beacons are and select the contents associated to them.

All the information in the Near Cloud will be accessible on your devices.

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"Near" allows its users to gather positional data in closed or crowded environments, in which GPS are often imprecise or even useless, thanks to a granular software with a centesimal precision which will supply the user with data on the area he is in.


Thanks to its micro-localization system, Near allows you to visualize information about your whereabouts on your devices, such as any ongoing sale in a store nearby, or the menu of a restaurant in which you have just entered and even the details and price of a piece of garment in front of you. Near is even able to send its users informative messages concerning any nearby upcoming event, sale, etc....


In addition to notifications and accurate description, Near can also provide the customer with multimedia resources, such as images, videos and audio files. These resources can be viewed on the customer's device on the near app, as long as it is synchronized to Cloud Near.


Near has the right features to be used in various areas


The app will enable its users to visualize multimedia information regarding the place where they happen to be such as shops, restaurants, museums or places of historical or natural interest.

As soon a potential user enter the virtual fence created by near, they will receive messages, on their mobile devices, smartphones as well as tablets.

Statistics in realtime

Connect to the Near Cloud and visualize all relevant statistics of every single beacon:

find out how many people it targeted, the average time spent in a specific area, the languages used and so on.

What is a beacon?

It is a small Bluetooth® device transmitting low consumption short range radio signals. Like a lighthouse it can interacts with smartphones within its area. Your customers will be able to get customized notifications about a specific item while strolling in a shop . Thanks to Bluetooth technology Near can interact with smartphones within an area ranging from 50 cm to 70 m, and exchange data and information.

Model K

IP-50 Protection

2 replaceable CR3477 batteries or 1000mAh
Up to two years of autonomy with the basic settings
15 mm height
55 mm width
56 mm depth
35 grams of weight
Technical specifications

KSB18-3 Model

IP-50 Protection

2 replaceable CR3477y batteries from 1000mAh
Temperature sensore and accelerometer (3 axes)
Up to eight year of autonomy with the basic settings
15 mm height
55 mm width
56 mm depth
35 grams of weight
Technical specifications

K Pro Model

3 replaceable CR3477 batteries of 1000 mAh
Up to five years of autonomy with the basic settings
21 mm height
69 mm width
69 mm depth
71 grams of weight
Technical specifications

KT Model

IP-68 Protection

1 non replaceable CR3477 battery of 1000mAh
Up to two years of autonomy with the basic settings
27 mm height
37 mm width
52 mm depth
28 grams of weight
Technical specifications

KHD Model 18-3

IP-65 Protection

4 replaceable ER145XX/LS145XX batteries of 2600mAh
Up to 10 years of autonomy with the basic settings
40 mm height
145 mm width
65 mm depth
Technical specifications

KC Model


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